Pete Buttigieg said that the possibilities that exist within Opportunity Zones created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs act are “inherent,” and he operates two of his campaign offices in an Opportunity Zone, including his headquarters.

But in November, Buttigieg told the Indy Star that he would eliminate Donald Trump’s tax cuts which created the opportunity zones in the first place. 

“For Opportunity Zones to deliver on their promise, communities must proactively guide investment to where it is needed and productive. That’s why South Bend has prepared a Community Prospectus for Opportunity Zone investing,” Buttigieg said in a January tweet. “Many thanks to our friends and partners at @USAccelerate especially @ericgarcetti and @bruce_katz for teaming up with us to make sure the opportunity inherent in this policy becomes real for our residents.

The GOP-enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act created the Opportunity Zones to encourage long-term investment, innovation, and growth in distressed areas.

In addition, two of his South Bend campaign offices are located in the Opportunity Zones created by the TCJA.  

His campaign headquarters at 105 E Jefferson Blvd, Ste 800 is in an Opportunity Zone, and his field office at 218 Sycamore St. is also in an Opportunity Zone. The Opportunity Zones are located in Census Tracts 18141001700 and 18141001000, according to the governor’s website

In August 2018, Buttigieg wrote an article in Accelerator for America where he explained how the Opportunity Zones would be used in South Bend.

“In South Bend, the selection of Opportunity Zone areas looks toward harnessing our strengths as an engine of growth,” Buttigieg wrote. 

“As we further experiment with new ideas and refine our approach to economic development, we hope other cities can learn from ideas that have succeeded in South Bend, and vice versa. Now – perhaps more than ever – cities have to lead for their own people, and have to engage with each other to create progress at scale. The end result, we believe, will be a faster and more inclusive pattern of growth and, yes, opportunity for all South Bend residents,” he also said.

According to the South Bend Tribune, the South Bend mayor attended a forum hosted by Accelerator for America in 2018, where he discussed South Bend’s “efforts to take advantage of Opportunity Zones.”

Buttigieg co-led the Accelerator’s “Opportunity Zones initiative” as well, according to a press release by the group.

When Buttigieg got the news in 2018 that South Bend was nominated by the Governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, he tweeted that he would “make the most of investment possibilities that this opens up.”

During a Fox News town hall in May, Buttigieg said that the TCJA was “a tax cut for the rich that America did not need,” according to The Fiscal Times.

Then-Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris had her campaign headquarters located in an Opportunity Zone, as well. The campaign told the The Baltimore Sun in May that the headquarters would be moved to an Opportunity Zone:

“The campaign said the permanent site will be located in an “opportunity zone.” That federal program — part of a 2017 tax reform law — is designed to attract billions of dollars of private investment and government resources to distressed communities around the nation.”

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