For a new kind of Republican, George W. Bush is getting serious mileage out of an old-fashioned Republican issue. According to ABC: 
  • 15 percent of likely voters say taxes is their No. 1 issue, compared to 11 percent in 1996, and among these voters George W. Bush holds a commanding 62-point lead. 
  • reported "As noted in Tuesday\’s tracking poll, Gore\’s having trouble maintaining the traditional Democratic advantage on Social Security because of the popularity of Bush\’s proposal to let people invest a portion of their retirement taxes in the stock market." 
This clearly shows that voters are not buying into Al Gore\’s negative attack ads and class warfare.  While Al Gore is clinging desperately to the status quo on issues like Medicare and Social Security and embarking on a $2 trillion dollar spending spree, Gov. Bush has put forth a new vision for the future of this country, and Americans are buying it.