Southwestern Legislator and Alan Keyes also campaigned against Bush in SC

WASHINGTON- On Feb. 19, George W. Bush won the Republican primary in South Carolina in spite of millions of dollars of corporate contributions spent against him.
Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, issued the following statement regarding the results of the Republican Presidential primary in South Carolina:
"Voters in the South Carolina Republican primary concluded that George W. Bush was the candidate who best represented their desire for lower taxes, smaller government, and more freedom.  The voters were able to discern that the negative attacks on George W. Bush came from the establishment press and were simply not true.
"The voters in South Carolina decided that George W. Bush most closely represented what they believe and decided to go against the anti-Bush slant the media coverage took in this primary.
"The major news media corporations have given millions of dollars of soft money to the McCain campaign through favorable coverage, yet the news media\’s own watchdogs have failed to cover the corporate largesse that flows to the McCain campaign.
"While the establishment media slammed Bush for his positions on lower taxes, smaller government, and other issues of importance to Republican primary voters in South Carolina, the people turned a deaf ear and forged ahead with their desire to make George W. Bush the Republican nominee for President."