Now that Andy Stern has officially resigned from head of the largest and arguably most powerful union, the SEIU, it is time for a successor. Sure, there are several individuals skilled in intimidation and extras from the Sopranos that would love to step in…but it’s much easier to promote from within.

A primary contender is Anna Burger, current SEIU Treasurer and head of Change to Win, and former target of our call for a investigation for violation federal lobbying rules.

Burger, as Politico reports:

in her own Sunday letter to the board [NLRB], which will decide a successor, Burger wrote that she would lead the union to "challenge our President to be the best that he can be.

Does that mean leading up to his promise to the unions to take away the right of union election by secret ballot for all workers and increase union election timetables?

Short answer, yes.

On Page 3 of the memo she writes that the SEIU should:

Use smart strategies to push the labor‐friendly majority on the NLRB to level the playing field and make it easier to organize through regulation and reconciliation to make quick elections and first contract arbitration the law of the land.

The translation from union-speak to English is below:

Intimidate, coerce and pull strings to push my friends (Craig Becker included) on the pro-union liberal NLRB to do whatever it takes to keep business out of all labor negotiations and implement EFCA style card check, binding interest arbitration and snap election until worker freedom is eliminated.