With 8 days left until the budget deadline, Arizona legislators and Governor Jan Brewer remain at odds over how to address the state’s $3 billion plus budget deficit, more accurately referred to as a $3 billion plus overspending problem.

Americans for Tax Reform supports the tax hike-free budget passed by the House and Senate but the Governor has promised a veto since the legislature’s budget does not include the $3 billion, 17.8% sales tax increase that she has been requesting for the passed several months.
Senate President Burns and Speaker Adams have decided to not transmit the budget to the Governor’s until negotiations with her and her staff have exhausted all options. One option that has been rumored is a deal in which the Governor will sign the legislature’s budget in exchange for legislative referral of her sales tax hike to the ballot.
ATR recently sent a letter to Arizona Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers to inform them that referring Brewer’s tax increase to the ballot would not be an acceptable "compromise" for Grand Canyon State Taxpayers and would represent a violation of the Pledge that they made to constituents to "oppose any and all efforts to raise taxes."
To view a copy of the letter that ATR sent to all Pledge signers, Click Here.
ATR encourages Arizona taxpayers to contact their representatives and encourage that they hold the line and remain steadfast in opposition to Brewer’s push for a multi-billion dollar tax hike in the middle of a recession.
Arizona taxpayers can contact their elected representatives by clicking here.