Americans for Tax Reform would like to applaud the victory of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback over Democrat challenger Paul Davis. Gov. Brownback’s win is a boon to Kansas taxpayers who will continue to see more money in their wallets and better job growth in the state.

Called one of the most important races in the country, the Kansas governor’s race became the epicenter of the low-tax fight. The Democrat Party and their spending-interest allies ran a misleading smear campaign against the governor and his efforts to reform the Kansas tax code to the state more competitive with its neighbors.

“Tonight the voters of Kansas returned a champion of the taxpayer to the Kansas governor’s office. Gov. Sam Brownback ignited the Mid-West tax rebellion and began and led the great 50 state race to a zero-percent income tax,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “With Gov. Brownback’s re-election, other governors have seen that the Kansas model is both politically practical and exportable. By 2050, all 50 states should be able reduce their state income taxes to zero.”