"Bloomberg as The Nanny" By Seth Anderson licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 https://www.atr.org/bloomberg-world-health-organisation-vaping-misinfodemic

As the delegates are meeting for the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control behind closed doors this week, public health experts across the globe expressed their disappointment as to what is on the agenda, but rather what is missing.

Despite the overwhelming scientific consensus that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, multiple times more effective than any other smoking cessation method, and has been shown to have the power to save over 200 million lives in the next decade, any talk of tobacco harm reduction is strictly off the agenda. Yes that’s right, the first meeting of delegates to the world’s major tobacco control conference since 2018, are refusing to discuss… the most successful tobacco control product in history.

In addition to the vested interests of large national WHO donors in preventing smokers from making the switch, such as China, whose government owns one of the world’s largest tobacco companies, a significant reason for this is the hundreds of millions of dollars that US Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has used to combat harm reduction at the WHO, and attempt to deny smoking cessation alternatives to persons in developing countries.

Now, a new report entitled “Bloomberg, WHO and the Vaping Misinfodemic,” and compiled under the leadership of former World Health Organisation Senior Adviser Charles Gardner, PHD, examines in detail the corrupting influence of Michael Bloomberg on the World Health Organization, and how science has been distorted. Offering a clear, albeit shocking, portrait of how the World Health Organization, at the behest of Blooomberg, goes against its core mission of tobacco control, the report also offers concrete options for reform to improve transparency, accountability, as well as a return to science based policy.

At a time when Bloomberg has been under investigation by the Philippines Government for attempting to subvert their regulatory process, and leaked documents have revealed how extensive and pervasive Bloomberg’s Philanthropies attempts to manipulate governments are, this report is a wake up call to governments who care about the health of their populace, and to use it to achieve genuine change.