WASHINGTON — Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) strongly opposes New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg\’s property tax increase proposal.

City newspapers reported 11/8/02 that Mayor Bloomberg may propose a 25% increase in property taxes over the next two years. Ultimately, the Mayor\’s proposal would sap $2 billion in additional property taxes from hard-working New Yorkers. The New York Times reported that the increase would cost average homeowners an additional $475, an amount that impacts low- and middle-income families the most.

"Mayor Bloomberg\’s claim that the \’law requires us\’ to raise taxes is cowardly," said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, "Lawmakers like Mayor Bloomberg don\’t need to raise taxes because the law requires it; they want to raise taxes to feed their excessive public spending habits. New Yorkers already pay $8.9 billion in property taxes. When is enough, enough?"

Some city council members have called for alternatives to the 25% property tax increase such as a commuter tax increase, an income tax increase, or a smaller property tax increase. ATR opposes these alternative tax increases as well.

"Tax increases of every stripe serve to limit the free enterprise and entrepreneurial spirit of New Yorkers," Norquist explained. "Lawmakers like Mayor Bloomberg should consider carefully that tax revenue is not theirs, but is derived from the hard-earned wages of everyday New Yorkers."