Lighting a Cigarette by Senior Airman Anthony Sanchelli is licensed under public domain

The Biden Administration is pushing forward with their proposal to prohibit menthol flavoring in cigarettes despite broad, bipartisan opposition. In an opinion piece for RealClearPolicy, Americans for Tax Reform Fellow Karl Abramson articulated how the unintended consequences of extending prohibition to include menthols would almost certainly outweigh any benefits. 

Our country has finally reached a moment in which communities are earnestly approaching criminal justice and police reform. Law enforcement is making inroads with underserved populations, cruel maximum sentencing laws are being repealed, and Congress is deciding whether to end the federal prohibition on marijuana. These pursuits are driven by the goal of a more equitable criminal justice system. The Biden Administration’s menthol prohibition is a huge step in the wrong direction.   

Criminalizing products popular among Black Americans will force these communities to bear the brunt of the enforcement. If President Biden was serious about creating a more equitable future for disadvantaged populations, he would immediately order FDA to rescind the proposed rule. There are more compassionate ways to help people who smoke than turning them into criminals.” 

The full commentary can be read at RealClearPolicy