President Joe Biden has called for $80 billion in new taxpayer funding for the Internal Revenue Service. 

Even Obama-era IRS chief John Koskinen, who often claimed that the IRS was underfunded when he was in charge, says the Biden IRS proposal is way out of line. “I’m not sure you’d be able to efficiently use that much money,” Koskinen said. “That’s a lot of money.” 

This massive funding increase will be a boon for the union that represents IRS employees. 

  • The left-wing National Treasury Employees Union represents 150,000 taxpayer-funded federal employees across 31 departments and agencies. The NTEU is famous for aggressive use of lawsuits in order to advance Democrat union priorities. 

  • NTEU collects dues from roughly 70,000 IRS employees, nearly half of NTEU’s total membership.

  • NTEU shovels 97 percent of their money into Democrat campaign coffers. In the 2019-2020 campaign cycle, NTEU’s political action committee raised $838,288. Out of $609,000 in spending on federal candidates, an overwhelming 97.04 percent went to Democrats. 

  • IRS employees regularly perform Democrat union work on the taxpayer dime. In fiscal year 2013, IRS employees spent over 500,000 hours on union activity, costing taxpayers $23.5 million in salary and benefits. To add insult to injury, the IRS had at least 40 out of 201 workers solely devoted to union activities that made $100,000. 

The $80 billion Biden IRS bailout is just another way to funnel taxpayer money to Democrat campaign coffers.