Ursula von der Leyen attends the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference by Dati Bendo is licensed under WikiMedia Commons.

The Biden administration is once again submitting and selling out the American manufacturer. This time, it’s for the European Union car manufacturers. President Biden bowing down to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is a continued pattern of American officials groveling to anti-American administrators in Brussels.

Both President Biden and EU President Ursula von der Leyen hope their meeting on Friday will “help to mend the most recent rift in the trans-Atlantic relationship.” This is despite over a decade of the EU regulatory regime systemically targeting American companies through politically motivated anti-trust lawsuits and anti-competitive regulations. Not to mention, Digital Services Taxes and the Digital Market Act are set to pass later this year and expand the European Commission’s powers to intervene and punish American-based firms.

Each will enable the European Commission to disrupt US business activity within the European market to an unprecedented level. There has been no clear response from American officials to this European escalation. While the previous US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer pursued an “expansion of Section 301 investigations,” Katherine Tai has seemingly backed down from defending US trade interests.

As the pair of laws that seek to extend the European Commission’s powers of punishing prosperous American businesses proceeds, the Biden administration remains utterly silent on the issue. Over the past decade, billions of fines by the European Commission have been leveled against Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google in an onslaught against US-based firms. Since President Biden took office, the response has been tepid and inadequate to the European Commission’s assault on American enterprises.

It’s disturbing that President Biden immediately launched a US-EU Task Force on the Inflation Reduction Act and is now ready to award American tax grants to foreign companies. It’s reported that a pool of “$369 billion worth of subsidies” is up for grabs. President Ursula von der Leyen hopes to secure the European Union as a trade partner status, placing the EU on par with Canada and Mexico.

If she is successful, this means that European Union manufacturers can “qualify for the subsidies.” This waste of taxpayer dollars on foreign interests without considering American industry is another notch in President Biden’s belt to renege on his promise to the American worker. To accept such a ludicrous deal will not repair transatlantic relations as proposed but serves to pay off cronies in the European Union to continue their war against successful American businesses.