Taxpayer dollars shoveled to climate busybodies who will “focus on equity and environmental justice”

President Biden is creating jobs — specifically 20,000 “paid experiences” for young climate progressives. Today Biden issued an executive order to spend taxpayer funds on something called “Climate Corps” — in effect a Green New Deal Youth Patrol.

An official White House statement said the Climate Corps will “train young people” to “advance environmental justice” while “tackling climate change.”

“They are building an extralegal political machine with your tax dollars,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “No vote in congress. Just fiat from King Biden. The taxpayer-peasants will pay for it.”

Note the White House word salad used to describe the program:

“The American Climate Corps will focus on equity and environmental justice – prioritizing communities traditionally left behind, including energy communities that powered our nation for generations, leveraging the talents of all members of our society, and prioritizing projects that help meet the Administration’s Justice 40 goal.”

Some members of the youth patrol will receive “lodging, transportation, clothing, a living allowance, health benefit, and more.”

How much will this cost taxpayers? The While House would not say. As reported by the Washington Post: “administration officials declined to say how much money the program will receive or where these dollars will come from.”

The climate patrol members will likely wear uniforms: “Uniforms must be worn at all times when on duty,” states the official page for Americorps, upon which the Climate Corps is modeled.