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Joe Biden criticized Bernie Sanders for his Medicare for All plan following the NBC Democratic debate on Wednesday night, stating that in Vermont, where MFA was tried, income taxes were doubled, and said that the plan would not be passed quickly, as Sanders likes to claim.

There’s an overwhelming need to do something that’s rational and Bernie still hasn’t answered the question. How much is it going to cost? Who’s going to pay for it? He talks about the savings. In Vermont they passed the affordable — Medicare for All. It doubled the income tax of the state. It put a 14% tax on withholding tax, and they got rid of it. The idea that this can be done quickly is simply not true. Simply not true.”

Sanders has refused to give an answer for how much his Medicare for All plan will cost, and during an interview with CBS News he said that “nobody knows” how much it will cost.

You don’t know. Nobody knows. This is impossible to predict,” Sanders said.

During the February 7 ABC debate, Biden said that “the idea that middle class taxes aren’t going to go up is just crazy,” when talking about Medicare for All.

Previously, Biden has given credit to Sanders for being “honest” about his Medicare for All plan, admitting that taxes on middle income households would go up as a result.

Sanders has said that he plans to tax all income over $29,000 to help cover the cost for Medicare for All, which has an estimated cost of $32 trillion to $36 trillion.

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