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During a CNN town hall on Monday night, Joe Biden responded to Elizabeth Warren’s claim that he should be in the Republican primary, and jokingly said “Imagine if I said to her, ‘you should be in the socialist primary?’

Here’s the key exchange:

Biden: “Imagine if I said to her, ‘well, you should be in the socialist primary,’ Biden is being bu bu bu bu bum, right? You’d all say that…you know it.”

Erin Burnett: “Well, do you think she should?”

Biden: “No! I’m not going to get into a fight with her.”

Biden was responding to a remark made by Warren accusing him of “running in the wrong presidential primary.”

Joe Biden has criticized Warren’s Medicare for All plan, as his campaign said that it’s “impossible to pay for Medicare for All without middle class tax increases.”

Even Bernie Sanders, who “wrote the damn bill,” as he likes to say, admits that middle class taxes would go up under Medicare for All.

“Yeah, [we’d have to] raise taxes on the middle class,” Sanders told a CNN reporter after the July debate.

Warren has continuously dodged the middle class tax question, and tried to dodge it for a total of 28 times, as Americans for Tax Reform has documented.

As the Washington Post reported, Kenneth Thorpe, chairman of the health policy department at Emory University directly said that the plan will hit the middle class. “There’s no question it hits the middle class,” he said.

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