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Joe Biden said he “100 percent” supports a national ban on plastic bags.

Here’s the key exchange:

Voter at town hall: “When I go back to Kenya, we don’t even use plastic bags or plastic papers. It’s not allowed, because we are trying to clean the ocean. And I think here in America, we are not trying to do that, to support the environment. And so, what’s your view? I mean, what’s your focus? Because in Kenya, we are trying to clean the environment. No plastic bags, you go with your own bags.”

Biden: Well I agree with you 100 percent. We should not be allowing plastic. And what we should do is phasing it out.

Watch the video below:

Biden made the remarks on Jan. 2 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Biden’s left-wing arrogance has been on display recently:

-He said coal miners should learn to code.

-He threatened to “eliminate” vaping products for adults.

-He threatened to “get rid of the Trump tax cut.”

-He wants to impose a carbon tax on the American people.

-He wants to double the capital gains tax rate, to a rate of 40%.

The few states that have banned shopping bags are blue states with some of the highest taxes and most onerous regulations — states like California, Connecticut, and Hawaii. Experience from these far-left states shows the bans do not reduce litter. Biden wants to impose the failed blue state model on the entire nation.

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