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As small businesses struggle to find workers, Democrats want to recruit and deploy 400,000 uniformed climate activists across the country as part of a “Civilian Climate Corps.” They’ll receive taxpayer-funded housing and transportation.

Democrats will vote this weekend on an amendment put forth by Bernie Sanders that would create a uniformed, 400,000-strong “Civilian Climate Corps” tasked with the vague mission of “advancing environmental justice.” The program will “recruit, select, fund, and oversee” thousands of “CorpsMembers.”

If passed, the amendment becomes part of the 755-page tax-and-spend blowout bill.

This Green New Deal Youth Patrol is a make-work program for progressive activists at the expense of working households. These climate hall monitors in pursuit of “environmental justice” will receive taxpayer-funded housing, food (probably vegan) health care, childcare, university tuition payments and transportation to “work.”

Perhaps they’ll be used to “identify gaps in tree canopy coverage” as called for in the 755-page bill.

A previously published fact sheet on the program says “Participants, or ‘corpsmembers,’ will receive education and training in coordination with” local green groups.

Perhaps they will knock on your door wielding a clipboard and ask you to turn down your air conditioning.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer — under pressure from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez earlier this year, vowed that he would “work tirelessly to achieve a big and bold Civilian Climate Corps that places justice at the center and urgently addresses our interlocking climate and economic crisis.”

The new plan is modeled off of the Civilian Climate Corps for Jobs and Justice Act introduced in April which sponsors say will “transform our economy.

More details on the Civilian Climate Corps for Jobs and Justice Act:

Taxpayer-funded housing, clothing, and feeding of Climate Corps members. 

Taxpayers would be responsible for paying the cost of Climate Corps members’ housing, clothing, feeding, allowance, and medical expenses. Nothing screams good-paying jobs like an “allowance” from the government. Here it is straight from the bill’s text:

“The President may provide housing for persons employed in the Civilian Conservation Corps and furnish them with such subsistence, clothing, medical attendance and hospitalization, and cash allowance, as may be necessary, during the period they are so employed.”

Taxpayer-funded transportation to “work” for Climate Corps members.

Not only will the government provide food, clothing, housing, and an allowance, it will also pick up members of the Climate Corps and drive them to work for them. 

“The President may provide for the transportation of persons employed in the Civilian Conservation Corps to and from the places of employment.”

Allows President Biden to seize private property through land condemnation.

President Biden would be empowered to seize public land deemed necessary to construct projects authorized under the bill.

“The President, or the head of any department or agency authorized by the President to construct any project or to carry on any public works under this Act, may acquire real property for such project or public work by purchase, donation, condemnation, or otherwise.”

Meanwhile Sanders demands his hotel rooms be chilled down to 60°

Senator Sanders frequently hectors and lectures Americans about the “existential crisis” of climate change. But Sanders is similar to John Kerry and his private jet.

When traveling, Sanders demands his staff go into his hotel room ahead of time and crank the air conditioning down to 60° so it can be nice and chilled upon his arrival. Ostensibly so he can battle the climate crisis in comfort.

As reported by Business Insider:

The temperature in Sen. Bernie Sanders’ hotel room should be set to 60 degrees. Otherwise, he won’t get a good night’s sleep.

That’s according to “Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Trump,” a new book by the Atlantic staff writer Edward Isaac-Dovere published this week, which dives into the Vermont senator’s travel accommodations during his 2020 presidential run.

If the thermostat wouldn’t budge, Sanders, still adamant on staying in a cool room, would try other options. He once made his staffer sit by an open window in the winter until the room was “cooled enough,” per Dovere. On other occasions, his aides had to call hotel management to override the climate control system.