It’s an exciting time up in New York’s 20th congressional district. The special election occurred over a week ago on March 31st. Republican Jim Tedisco, a Taxpayer Protection Pledge signer, found himself down by 65 votes to Democrat Scott Murphy by the end of the night with several thousand absentee ballots to be counted. Over the last week, the New York Board of Elections adjusted the vote totals several times. Roll Call reported that Tedisco pulled ahead of Murphy by 12 votes on Thursday, April 2nd. Rensselaer and Dutchess counties, after recanvassing, changed their vote totals putting Tedisco ahead by 12 votes- 77,236 votes to Murphy’s 77,224 votes. On Monday, CongressDaily reported the Board of Elections had announced the race tied with both candidates at 77,225 votes. Yesterday, Josh Kraushaar of Politico wrote that Tedisco was up 17 votes with 77,035 votes to Murphy’s 77,018 votes.

Both candidates are revving up their fundraising machines for the fight ahead. Tedisco created the Ballot Integrity Fund over the weekend while Murphy posted a message on the front of his site urging supports to donate. Election officials start counting the absentee and military ballots today.