AWF Urges Senators to Oppose Confirmation of Craig Becker to National Labor Relations Board

The Alliance for Worker Freedom (AWF), an organization established in 2003 to combat anti-worker legislation and promote free and open labor markets urges all senators to oppose the confirmation of Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). 

  • The NLRB interprets and administers federal labor laws covering over 90% of businesses and private sector employees. Craig Becker and Mark Pearce, both former union lawyers, have been nominated by President Obama to serve on the NLRB.  If Becker and Pearce are confirmed, three out of the five chairs on the board will be represented by former union lawyers, giving Big Labor the power to dominate every decision the NLRB makes. 
  •  Craig Becker, the current Associate General Counsel of one of the most aggressive unions in the United States, the Service Employees International Union, is known as a Big Labor extremist and will impress his views on the National Labor Relations Board.
  • Becker has repeatedly expressed his belief that workers should not have any say as individuals or collectively over whether or not they are unionized (see quote below).  If confirmed, Becker will always advocate in favor of unions threatening the rights of businesses, private sector employees, and American families. 
  • “At first blush it might seem fair to give workers the choice to remain unrepresented. But, in granting this option, U.S. labor law grants employers a powerful incentive to campaign for a vote of no representation.” (Craig Becker, New Labor Forum Fall/Winter 1998)
  • Becker contends that Employees’ only choice should be over which set of union officials get “exclusive” power over controlling their wages and benefits.  This radical philosophy completely contradicts the basic freedoms entitled to every worker across America

 Make no mistake; Craig Becker would compromise the integrity of the NLRB, vote ‘NO’ on his confirmation.