Today, the Alliance for Worker Freedom, an affiliate of Americans for Tax Reform, sent a letter to the hill explaining how implementing an "official time" policy would save the taxpayer money.  You may view the full letter here.

A study conducted by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for FY 2008 found that, among 61 federal departments and agencies, close to 3 million hours of official time was used in arbitration and collective bargaining. The report found that federal expenditures for these activities totaled $120,730,471, an increase of over $7 million from the previous year.  Click here to see the full letter. 

Let’s remember that our country now has one of the largest federal civilian workforces in its history, with over 80,000 employees making over $150,000 a year. On average, federal workers are making 30-40% more than their counterparts in the private sector.

As if big benefits, high pay, and "golden" pension plans weren’t enough, public sector union members’ goal is to increase the size and scope of government. This self-serving goal should be done on their own dime—not ours.

That government employees are permitted to waste so many work-hours at taxpayer expense is unseemly and unnecessary, especially given the economic burdens many Americans face today. Republicans cannot promise a smaller, more fiscally responsible government if we cannot commit to reforming the government we already have.