Following the intense debate surrounding Craig Becker’s failed confirmation to the National Labor Relations Board, the Alliance for Worker Freedom sent out the following letter to President Obama asking him not to recess appoint Becker.

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Dear President Obama:

On behalf of the Alliance for Worker Freedom (AWF), an organization established in 2003 to combat anti-worker legislation and promote free and open labor markets, I would like to urge you to not make any recess appointments, specifically your National Labor Relations Board nominee Craig Becker.

Mr. Becker’s nomination pended for months during which time Senators weighed and debated the ramifications of his confirmation. Thousands of questions were submitted to Mr. Becker asking him to clarify controversial statements, writings, and acquaintances.  

In a bipartisan effort on Feb. 9, the Senate failed to get the 60 votes needed to invoke cloture on a vote for Craig Becker. Both Democrat and Republican Senators found Mr. Becker’s view of unions, employers, and the NLRB too problematic to warrant confirmation. Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) voices this opinion:

 “Mr. Becker’s previous statements strongly indicate that he would take an aggressive personal agenda to the NLRB, and that he would pursue a personal agenda there.”

The Congressional conformation process is one of our country’s oldest checks and balances, enacted to limit the power of the executive branch. It is by submission to this tried and true process that the United States has retained its evenhanded governance. Your reverence to these principals in this instance is admirable.

Mr. Becker’s unsuccessful confirmation was the result of hours upon hours of research and debate, not fickle politics as some are suggesting. To appoint Mr. Becker after such deliberation would be to blatantly disregard the will of the Senate and the people it represents. It is for these reasons that you should not recess appoint Mr. Becker. 

Brian M. Johnson, MPA
Executive Director

cc:    All Members of Congress