Originally posted at the Alliance for Worker Freedom

The Arizona state legislature is considering SCR 1028, a Paycheck Protection bill. Christopher Prandoni, Executive Director of the Alliance for Worker Freedom, has sent a letter to each state senator urging them to support this important initiative:

"A Heritage Foundation report found that nearly 70 percent of union dues are spent on political activity and staff compensation. SCR 1028 would prohibit unions from using member dues to fund political activity without the written consent of the individual worker. Allowing workers the option of withholding their dues from the support of a radical Big-Labor agenda protects their basic right of free association, and greatly reduces the money spent by labor organizations in support of their often problematic ideology. Under the current convoluted rules, Arizona workers unknowingly financially support political candidates they strongly disagree with.

"The same Heritage study also found that in states with Paycheck Protection in place, union campaign donations fell by nearly 50 percent. This fact proves that, when given the choice, workers by-and-large do not side with their union’s political persuasions. Coupling the requirement for written consent with the refund mechanism also included in SCR 1028 will put Arizona on the fast track to curbing the power of these organizations, which are more concerned with their political power than the well being of their members.

"Finally, this Paycheck Protection initiative compels increased accountability and transparency within union political activities.  SCR 1028 creates an environment in which union bosses are more responsive to the will of their members and gives workers the information they need to make an informed decision regarding how their dues are spent."

Click here for the full letter.