Originally posted at Alliance for Worker Freedom:


Shortly after reports of the details surrounding a “revised” version of the controversial Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) began trickling out of Senator Specter’s (D-Penn.) office, Alliance for Worker Freedom (AWF) Brian Johnson released the following statement:

“To call this a ‘revision’ or a ‘compromise’ is insulting at best. Even without taking away the secret ballot voting, this bill remains the most negative labor reform proposal this Congress has seen. This bill contains a provision known as ‘quickie elections’ that limit the time between when unions say they have enough support and when the vote actually occurs. This is an attempt to quickly rush through the process before the employees can find out the real truth about unions, such as their failing pension plans. Also, a ‘guaranteed access’ clause in this bill will leave business owners powerless against union mobs invading their workplace and will not allow the business owners to communicate with their employees the economic harm that a union could bring. Finally, mandatory binding arbitration is replaced with what they use in baseball, ‘last best offer arbitration.’ Simply put, a mediator will simply pick one offer over the other. We know that statistically this almost always favors the absurd interests and demands of unions over that of reasonable workplace negotiations. The ‘revision’ Sen. Specter has introduced will result in mass unemployment and the closure of hundreds of businesses.”