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The ACORN Saga: Another Argument for Transparency

Posted by Mattie Duppler on Tuesday, September 15th, 2009, 11:12 AM PERMALINK

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Last night, the Senate voted to strip funding in the THUD appropriations bill from the corrupt Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN). The vote came after news broke that the non-profit, which was indicted in several states for voter fraud last fall, was using your tax dollars to counsel a couple acting as a pimp and prostitute on how to commit housing and tax fraud to operate their “business.”

To be sure, this story is probably only the tip of the iceberg. Even after making national news for this recent scandal, indictments of voter fraud and its radical intimidation tactics, the group still feels it is entitled to your tax dollars. The Examiner reports that the ACORN Institute has applied for over $6 million in grants for broadband projects. This is on top of the estimated $53 million it has already received from taxpayers since 2003. It is important to note that while the amendments passed last night that prohibited ACORN from receiving funding from the THUD appropriations bill, it is still eligible to for money in the “stimulus” plan – up to $8 billion dollars. While we have been tracking the “stimulus” money spent on wasteful projects such as checks sent to prisoners and checkpoints for no one, the deliberate allocation of funds to an organization actively involved in illegal activities is entirely different exploitation of taxpayers altogether.

The recognition in the Senate that taxpayers should not be ACORN’s benefactor is a good first step, but there will always be groups bellying up the public trough, fighting to stick their hands deep into the taxpayer’s pocket. The only permanent and actual solution is full, complete transparency – if Americans could track, dollar for dollar, where their money was going, Congress would think twice before giving a cent to ACORN.

The Final Cost of Government Day Arrives

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In Connecticut, the average worker has to work until September 7 to meet all costs imposed by government. Out of 365 days in 2009, Connecticuter must toil on average 250 days to pay off his or her share of government spending and regulatory burden on federal, state and local levels. All other states, and D.C, have their Cost of Government Day earlier, which means taxpayers have to work the longest of anyone else in the nation to pay off their cost of government.

This is due to the ‘tax and spend’ policies advanced by the Connecticut government for the past several years. The Nutmeg State continually spends beyond its means…and forces Connecticut taxpayers to foot the enormous bill.

This year, the egregious abuse of taxpayers’ money has come to a standstill as the state struggles to come up with a budget. The latest budget that passed the legislature includes over a billion dollars in tax increases to compensate for the state’s poor fiscal house. While the budget has not yet been signed, Governor Rell is going to allow this unsustainable expansion of state spending by allowing it to become law without her signature. This signals that things  will not be improving anytime soon for our final COGD state.

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Cost of Government Day Finally Arrives in New Jersey

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Today is the day on which New Jerseyians have finally paid off the burden imposed by state, local and federal spending and regulations. While the national average fell on August 12 in 2009, taxpayers in the Garden State had to work an astounding total of 249 days out of the year to pay for the cost of government. Only one state, Connecticut, has a later COGD than New Jersey.

New Jersey has tried to hide its overspending problem by constantly raising taxes on its citizens. However, taxpayers aren’t sticking around to have the state take all of their money – between 2003 and 2007 the Garden State lost over 260,000 residents who took their income and earning capacities with them.

The taxpayers that are left in New Jersey are forced to shoulder the burden imposed by the state’s unscrupulous spending. The state is the worst tax climate in the country, due in part to the budget passed this year that raises taxes on New Jerseyians by $1.5 billion. As taxpayers continue to flee the state in search of less hostile environments to raise their families and run their businesses, the Garden State would be well-advised to learn from its mistakes. However, if the state continues to spend beyond its means, it will eventually find itself without taxpayers to foot the bill.

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Cost of Government Day Finally Arrives in New York

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While the average national worker toiled until August 12th to pay off the burden imposed by federal, state and local spending and the regulatory burden, New Yorkers have had to work until today, the last day in August, to start working for themselves. New York has the third latest Cost of Government Day, followed only by New Jersey and Connecticut whose COGDs fall in the first few days of September.

The reasons for New York’s late COGD are manifold. The Empire State has increased spending since 2003 by 12.5% while its population grew by a measly .5%. In line with the state’s history of outrageous spending, the Gov. proposed a budget this February that increased spending by $1.4 billion, levying $4.1 billion in tax hikes on New Yorkers to fund his plan.

The legislature ultimately passed a budget that raised income taxes by $4 billion and other taxes and fees by $2 billion to compensate for the state’s overspending problem. There is no end in sight for the state’s spending in excess and if New York continues to live beyond its means and force taxpayers to pay for it, it will continue to lose residents until there is no one left to foot the bill.

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Sickeningly Sweet - Sugar Quotas & Obama's Protectionism

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Given his dismal record on free trade issues, perhaps it is not surprising that the current debate surrounding the sugar industry indicates that President Obama will continue to champion protectionist worldview. Last week, food companies sent a letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack urging him to increase the stringent quotas in place to insure the amount of foreign sugar entering the American market is restricted. So far, the only action from the administration has been silence – the date by which an increase in quota was to be announced came and went without action.

However, an increase in quotas is only a prescription for the pain, not the disease. The underlying mechanism at work has damaged the American economy for years and in the current state of financial affairs, should be reevaluated and repealed immediately. Protectionist policies regarding sugar are some of the oldest in our history, and have done some of the most harm – quotas are designed to inflate prices to protect American sugar by prohibiting cheaper foreign products to compete in the U.S. market. A 2006 study by the International Trade Administration reported that for every job saved by sugar quotas, three jobs were lost to manufacturing as companies moved to countries like Canada and Mexico where sugar can be purchased at one-half or one-third the price of that in the United States. As a result, American companies have to pay extra for sugar their international competitors get at a much better rate, or stop using sugar to maintain a competitive edge. If you’ve traveled internationally and noticed your Coca-cola tastes far better abroad that’s why – in the United States Coke is made from high-fructose corn syrup. Everywhere else, it’s made from sugar.

Taxpayers, then, are getting hit twice by failed sugar protectionist policies – subsidizing the farming and especially the sugar industry costs taxpayers billions while quotas cause prices to skyrocket and forces consumers to pay hugely inflated prices; in the United States sugar sells for 56 cents a pound while the international market price is nearly a third of that – 23 cents. If the Obama Administration was truly concerned about the state of the nation’s economy, it would stop trumpeting protectionist policies that have, for years, been used as misguided political artillery for creating American jobs. Forcing taxpayers to “Buy American” or to buy American sugar is an unsustainable status quo and the United States should not be forced to learn that lesson more than once.

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Please Stop Stimulating Us, Mr. President

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On Friday, August 7th, President Obama gave a speech in the rose garden in response to the release of the jobless statistics by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that showed slightly less dismal unemployment numbers than were expected for July. The President lauded the “stimulus” as a move that “rescued our economy from catastrophe” and assured those in attendance that “today, we’re pointed in the right direction.”

While unemployment still teeters just under 10% for the national average and 26 states saw an increase in their unemployment numbers over the last month, if the Administration believes the economy to be on the upswing, it should act accordingly. After only spending 10% of the “stimulus” act, America is apparently back on the right track and Congress should move swiftly to repeal the rest of the unobligated funds in the act to give back to the American taxpayers what was taken from them in February to “stimulate” the economy. While the country is sorely missing those 3.5 million jobs the president promised to save or create, the President clearly believes he has delivered the American people from the economic disaster that was certain without the “stimulus” act. As such, he should refrain from continuing to uselessly spend taxpayers’ money to “stimulate” an economy that has already been saved.

It Takes Weeks to Post a Bill Online. Really?!?

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It takes weeks to post a bill that has already been passed out of committee online? REALLY?!?

The Examiner has a great op-ed today discussing the author’s attempts to convince the House Energy and Commerce Committee to put their health care bill online. The committee passed its version before it left for recess on Friday, amending its initial mark-up extensively. From the article:

When we called them yesterday morning to get a copy, we were told that the amended version might not be compiled until after the August recess. When we called back for an official comment, spokeswoman Lindsey Vidal gave us the slightly less jarring news that it would take at least two to three weeks, even though we live in an age of computer cut-and-paste.

So, the committee has a final bill, but will need WEEKS to post it online? REALLY?!? What are they doing, writing it in longhand and then scanning it onto their website? After all, it’s not like they’re taking time to read the bill….

The “stimulus” was rushed through Congress at lightning speed and has since proven ineffective and wasteful (and not to mention full of provisions Members weren’t so fond of…a tiny detail they may have realized had they actually read the bill).

Cap-and-Trade has not even been printed in full after a 300-page amendment was tacked onto it in the dead of the night when votes took place on this massive tax that in the coming years will raise American families’ energy costs by $4,600 and cost the country over a million jobs.

And now the government wants to push health care legislation that will upend the most successful healthcare system in the world and allow bureaucracy to dictate how much your health is worth in the same opaque and dishonest way and thinks Americans are just going to accept it? REALLY?!?

And this is the “most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history?” REALLY?!?

Highway Trust Fund Wastes Taxpayer Dollars, Coburn/McCain Study Finds

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Yesterday, CFA and ATR sent a letter urging members of Congress to oppose H.R. 3357, a $7 billion bailout of the Highway Trust Fund.

Today, Senators Coburn and McCain voiced opposition to the bill, issuing a report that details the gross overspending and mismanagement of transportation funds that have consistently placed the Highway Trust Fund in the red. The report cites finding from a study by the GAO, which details the extent to which tax dollars are used for pet projects – over the past 5 years, it found that $78 billion has been allocated from the Highway Trust Fund for extraneous projects. 

The report outlines, in a fashion similar to Senator Coburn’s report listing 100 wasteful “stimulus” projects, the array of pork disguised as transportation spending for which taxpayers have been footing the bill. The senators argue that the rampant earmarking of transportation spending has been done at the cost of Americans’ safety as bridges and roads, the supposed recipient of trust fund monies, lay in disrepair while money is instead funneled to “scenic beautification” projects. 
This news comes a day after the House passed H.R. 3357 and as the bill progressed to the Senate, we were glad to see a battle brewing over the wasteful spending in the trust fund. We urged the Senate to reject the bill and instead address the reckless spending that that fuels the repeated “bailout” mentality. Senators Coburn and McCain make a similar argument, recommending that unobligated “stimulus” funds be used to make the trust fund solvent and call for a moratorium on all transportation spending earmarks in the 111th Congress.

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State Think Tanks Provide New Spending Transparency Resources

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Since 2006, more than 20 states have taken legislative and/or executive action to create spending transparency websites where taxpayers can view how their governments are spending their money. However, in some states think tanks either are picking up the slack or complementing the government’s efforts by launching transparency portals to help taxpayers uncover how their states and/or local governments are spending their money. In the last week, a few notable websites have launched:

  • – this site, launched by the Ethan Allen Institute, provides information on state spending and revenues, as well as expenditures by municipalities and school districts
  • – the John Locke Foundation’s portal grades state agencies (including school districts and municipalities) on their spending transparency and offers budget information with links to the state spending website for a more detailed look at state expenditures
  • – this portal was created by the Caesar Rodney Institute and gives taxpayers a searchable, sortable database to research state spending and salaries, as well as expenditure data for school districts.
All three of these websites are excellent resources for taxpayers to keep an eye on government spending. The Center for Fiscal Accountability tracks transparency efforts across the country and advocates for more open, accountable government. For more information and the latest updates on the transparency movement at the state and federal level, visit

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Deconstructing Wisconsin Governor Doyle's Blatant Budget Lies

Posted by Mattie Duppler on Wednesday, July 1st, 2009, 5:32 PM PERMALINK

ATR congratulates Governor Doyle and the Democrat led legislature for passing a budget on time for the first time since 1977.  But, that’s about the only decent bit of news for Wisconsinites that has come out of this massive tax-hiking, big-spending, non-transparent, fiscally reckless budget.

The Governor took the time to commend himself after signing the budget stating “I am also proud that legislators agreed with me that we couldn’t close the budget gap by raising taxes.” Yet Gov. Doyle strategically ignores the fact that the budget directly raises over $2.1 billion in taxes on virtually all Wisconsinites, including tax on income, capital gains, property, garbage, hospitals and health care, cigarettes, phones, and nursing homes. Let’s dissect, shall we?
Doyle: "The budget does not raise taxes on middle class families."
Fact: The budget includes a $335 million tax increase on tobacco consumers, whose median income is a little more than $36,000 and who make about 30 percent less than non-smokers.
Fact: A $100 million-plus tax on phones, which apparently only wealthy people own.
Fact: A new tax on garbage collection, again apparently only wealthy people have trash.
Doyle: “This budget ensures that Wisconsin families have affordable access to health care.”
Fact: The budget raises the hospital tax by $854 million, making health care less affordable. It also raises other health care related taxes by another over $490 million on health insurance, nursing homes, and ambulatory surgical centers. These tax hikes also qualify as a billion-dollar-plus tax hike on middle class families (see above).
Doyle: “Wisconsin is definitely open for business… [the budget] invests in Wisconsin businesses that will create jobs and lead to future growth.”
Fact: Creates a new 7.75% top income tax rate pegged at $287 million. Well over two thirds of small businesses file personal income tax returns as “pass-through” entities. Most of these businesses will be forced to raise prices on Wisconsin consumers or lay off employees.
Fact: $242 million tax hike on capital gains, which will impede business investment.
Fact: “Throw-out sales” rule is another $80 million tax hike on business.
Doyle: “We’ve cut more than $3 billion in state spending…we cut spending here in Wisconsin by 3 percent.”
Fact: The budget is a 6.6% increase in overall spending, despite an ironic $6.6 billion overspending problem this year. A quote from Gov. Doyle that we don’t disagree with: “Just as Wisconsin families and businesses cut back, so can state government.” Exactly – only you failed to do that.
On top of the massive debt with which this irresponsible budget burdens Wisconsinites, Assembly Democrats added at least $36 million in earmarks, according to a Legislative Fiscal Bureau summary. Simultaneously, leadership killed a transparency amendment that would have required the state to post all expenditures online in a searchable database. Assembly Democrats also killed two other transparency bills earlier this year (AB 120 and AB 196).
While Gov. Doyle may be congratulating himself on having a finished budget before July, Wisconsin taxpayers will not ignore his glib and unrepentant lies about the disintegrating fiscal environment of their state.  The death knell is already sounding for the governor with only 34% of voters approving of his governorship. This $62 billion budget is the latest act of disregard for Wisconsinites and may be the final nail in his coffin.
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