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ATR President Grover Norquist Releases NCAA Tournament Bracket

Posted by Josh Culling on Thursday, March 21st, 2013, 12:00 AM PERMALINK

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist released his NCAA Tournament bracket today, picking the Miami Hurricanes to win the national championship. While President Obama's bracket proves he hasn't been able to step away from the campaign trail, with swing state schools from Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Wisconsin in his Elite 8, Norquist chose his most competitive teams based on states with the most competitive tax climates.


Some key takeaways from Grover's bracket:
• Miami beats Gonzaga in the championship game. While both hail from states that levy no income tax (Florida and Washington, respectively), the tiebreaker goes to Miami because of Florida's Right to Work status.
• Kansas is the one-seed in history to lose under Norquist's prediction, falling to 16-seed Western Kentucky. It's worth noting that Gov. Sam Brownback's proposed elimination of Kansas's income tax would not only propel the Jayhawks past the first round, but all the way to an Elite 8 matchup with Florida.
• Indiana, the top seed in the East, falls in the second round to Temple, thanks to Pennsylvania's 3.07 percent income tax rate compared to Indiana's 3.4 percent rate. It is worth noting, however, that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence would win this matchup for the Hoosiers if his legislature would pass his proposed income tax cut, which would bring Indiana's flat rate to 3.06 percent and beat the Owls at the buzzer. If this were to somehow end up a tie, though, Indiana would still beat Temple on the strength of the state's Right to Work law, passed in 2012 while Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett twiddled his thumbs.

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Minnesota Supreme Court Decision: a Blow to Taxpayers

Posted by Josh Culling on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010, 3:23 PM PERMALINK

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Americans for Tax Reform expressed dismay over a 4-3 decision Wednesday by the Minnesota Supreme Court undercutting the governor’s unallotment authority. Gov. Pawlenty used this budget-cutting tool effectively last summer to bring the state budget into balance without imposing harmful tax increases. ATR President Grover Norquist released this statement on the ruling:

 “Wednesday’s Supreme Court ruling is a lose-lose for taxpayers. It calls into question the principled budget cuts made by Gov. Pawlenty last year, while potentially emboldening the DFL-led legislature to impose the type of punishing tax increases the governor has rightfully avoided. Gov. Pawlenty should be commended for standing up for the interests of taxpayers and pledging never to raise taxes on Minnesota families – a promise he has reaffirmed even in the aftermath of this Court decision.

There is no reason to apologize for unallotment cuts brought on by virtue of fiscal necessity. The legislature should not use this decision as an excuse to raise taxes. I urge lawmakers to ratify Gov. Pawlenty’s unallotment cuts and continue to fight against profligacy and opacity in government spending. Most importantly, they must join the governor in pursuing private sector-led job creation and economic growth. His proposed corporate income tax cut would be a perfect start down the road to prosperity in Minnesota.”

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