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ATR Releases List of 2018 Texas State Pledge Signers (Primary Election)

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Posted by Christopher Abbott on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018, 12:02 PM PERMALINK

Americans for Tax Reform recognizes the Texas incumbents and candidates who have taken the Taxpayer Protection Pledge ahead of the Mar. 6 primary election. The Pledge is a written commitment to hardworking Texas taxpayers and to the American people to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

“By signing The Pledge, Texas candidates and incumbents demonstrate that they will safeguard taxpayers from higher taxes,” said Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform. “Pledge signers understand that government should be reformed in a way that it spends and takes less taxpayer dollars, and will oppose tax increases that prolong failures of the past.”

The following candidates and incumbents have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge:



-       Alma Allen (House 131)

-       Angie Button (House 112)

-       Bill Zedler (House 96)

-       Briscoe Cain (House 128)

-       Charles Anderson (House 56)

-       Cindy Burkett (House 113)

-       Dan Flynn (House 2)

-       Dan Huberty (House 127)

-       Dennis Paul (House 129)

-       Drew Springer (House 68)

-       Dwayne Bohac (House 138)

-       Four Price (House 87)

-       Gary Elkins (House 135)

-       Geanie Morrison (House 30)

-       James White (House 12)

-       Jason Isaac (House 45)

-       Jeff Leach (House 67)

-       Jim Murphy (House 133)

-       Jodie Laubenberg (House 89)

-       John Frullo (House 84)

-       John Kuempel (House 44)

-       John Smithee (House 86)

-       John Zerwas (House 28) 

-       Jonathan Stickland (House 92)

-       Kyle Kacal (House 12)

-       Lance Gooden (House 4)

-       Larry Gonzales (House 52)

-       Lyle Larson (House 122)

-       Marc Whyte (House 121)

-       Mark Keough (House 15)

-       Paul Workman (House 47)

-       Phil King (House 61)

-       Phil Stephenson (House 85)

-       Rick Miller (House 26)

-       Rodney Anderson (House 105)

-       Ronald Simmons (House 65)

-       Sarah Davis (House 134)

-       Scott Sanford (House 70)

-       Tan Parker (House 63)

-       Todd Hunter (House 32)

-       Tom Craddick (House 82)

-       Valoree Swanson (House 150)

-       Wayne Faircloth (House 23)


-       Brandon Creighton (Senate 4)

-       Brian Birdwell (Senate 22)

-       Charles Perry (Senate 28)

-       Dawn Buckingham (Senate 24)

-       Joan Huffman (Senate 17)

-       Konni Burton (Senate 10)

-       Robert Nichols (Senate 3)

-       Van Taylor (Senate 8)

Open Seat Candidates:

Lieutenant Governor-

-       Kerry McKennon


-       Amber Pearce (House 45)

-       Carlos Raymond (House 117)

-       Chad Carnahan (House 102)

-       CJ Grisham (House 55)

-       Dennis Allen Miller (House 4)

-       Dennis Paul (House 129)

-       Gail Stanart (House 126)

-       Jared Patterson (House 106)

-       Jill Wolfskill (House 13)

-       John Payton (House 89)

-       Johnny Arredondo (House 124)

-       Jonathan Strickland (House 92)

-       Keith Bell (House 4)

-       Marc Whyte (House 121)

-       Matt Savino (House 10)

-       Naomi Narvaiz (House 45)

-      Paul Bileyu (House 135)

-       Phil King (House 61)

-       Ronald Simmons (House 65)

-       Sam Harless (House 126)

-       Sam Tejas (House 133)

-       Scott Kilgore (House 102)

-       Susanna Dokupil (House 134)


-       Amy Lyons (Senate 5)

-       Craig Carter (Senate 30)

-       Konni Burton (Senate 10)


Photo Credit: justgrimes

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California Union Bosses Ignore SCOTUS, Steal Money from Seriously Ill

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Posted by Christopher Abbott on Thursday, January 25th, 2018, 11:22 AM PERMALINK

Despite a Supreme Court decision banning their behavior, unions in 11 states continue to engage in one of the most predatory practices they have ever conceived. In a process known as dues skimming, some states allow union bosses to automatically confiscate funds from Medicaid checks intended for patients whose primary caregiver is a direct family member, often without the patient or caregiver even being aware that they are losing money.

While in theory, these dues are designed to represent caregivers who are employees of the state, they are certainly not being spent in collective bargaining agreements for people who care for their elderly parents or in legal fees defending caregivers in lawsuits brought by their dependent children. Instead, this process merely takes funds from needy patients on Medicaid and redirects it to union bosses, who, in turn, spend tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions every election cycle in order to maintain their power.

Not only is siphoning money out of support checks without telling people and against their will morally wrong, but at a cost of $200 million per year, it also contributes to rising healthcare costs while imposing a significant financial burden on those least able to afford it.

Fortunately, federal legislation to prevent dues skimming is expected to go before the House in the coming weeks, and it will have a strong advocate in its lead sponsor, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who chairs the House Republican Conference. Her proposal would refrain from making structural changes to Medicaid, while closing the loophole of classifying familial caregivers as state employees to force them to pay union dues.

In the House, McMorris has the support of Speaker Paul Ryan, to pass this crucial legislation, but it may hit a roadblock in the Senate, where Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already stated that he does not expect to have enough Democratic votes to pass this measure, and particularly in an election year, getting Democrats to vote on a measure that would take power away from unions seems far-fetched at best. But if Republicans are able to strengthen their majority, or at least maintain control of Congress in the midterm elections, then perhaps they will finally be able to overcome partisanship to truly help Americans in need. 


Photo Credit: Neff Conner

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