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Harry Reid Looks to Resurrect RES During Lame-Duck

Posted by Americans for Tax Reform on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010, 11:22 AM PERMALINK

Harry Reid (D-Nev.) made news Tuesday when he announced that he would try to pass an energy bill during the lame-duck session. This comes as a surprise to most as Reid pulled his energy bill right before recess began as he couldn’t muster up the requisite votes. Even more surprising is that Reid said a key component of his lame-duck bill would be a national Renewable Electricity Standard (RES), a contentions policy amongst Members.

RES requires that a percentage of a state’s energy production be derived from “clean” energy sources, generally understood as wind and solar. Government imposed RES are necessary because wind and solar are not economically viable, they need government subsidies and mandates to compete with cheaper forms of energy.

While some think this is a political move to drum up support from the environmental lobby--Mr. Reid is currently involved in a heated primary debate with Republican Sharron Angle—let’s take Reid at his word. What are the economic implications for a national RES?

Heritage Foundation scholars crunched the numbers and found that instituting a 35 percent RES by 2035 America would loose 1,000,000 jobs.

Don’t take their word for it; look at Europe. In Spain, government subsidies for the wind and solar industry prevent 2.2 jobs from being created in the private sector and have contributed to the country's high unemployment levels.

Domestically, the DeSoto Solar Center in Florida was supposed to be the “largest solar power plant in the United States,” according to President Obama. The Center received $150 million from the Recovery Act. After using 400 construction workers to build the site, the Solar Center now employs only two people. So while the transition to new energy sources creates jobs, many of them are temporary, a distinction many on the left fail to make.

With unemployment already hovering around 10 percent, the last thing we need is from soon-to-be jobless Senators is an unnecessary energy bill. Implementing an RES during the lame-duck is bad policy, undemocratic, and appallingly arrogant.

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Grover Norquist's thoughts on the 9/12 rallies

Posted by Americans for Tax Reform on Saturday, September 12th, 2009, 6:50 PM PERMALINK

POLITICO’s Arena features Grover Norquist’s thoughts on the 9/12 rallies:

This past week I travelled to the center-right coalition meetings in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and North Carolina and then this morning back to DC. I took my daughter out with stroller and walked for two hours against the flow of the 9/12 march to the taxpayer rally along Pennsylvania Ave. How many? Dunno. But two solid hours of marchers going past. Lots of great signs. One group of Obama fans standing off to one side. They were huddled around their sign "billionaires for tax cuts" and dressed in tuxes. They looked vaguely ridiculous contrasted with tens of thousands of actual middle class citizens sickened by the greed of Washington. The late Senator Moynihan spoke of the Reagan years as the time he realized that while his age cohort had always railed against the old farts...the modern Democrat party had become the old farts.

Obama and ACORN fancy they are the community organizers. They should drop by and see what real outrage and real community organizing--without taxpayer subsidies or paid union staff in purple T-shirts--looks like.

The denizens of the White House lack only big wigs to complete the Louis the Sixteenth and Marie Antoinette analogy. The already have the contempt for the little people down pat.

Play "Obama Healthcare Bingo" Tonight

Posted by Americans for Tax Reform on Wednesday, September 9th, 2009, 3:57 PM PERMALINK

“Public option” “Change” “Bend the cost curve” Invocation of FDR, Truman, Nixon, or Ted Kennedy “Status quo”
“Deficit-neutral” “Bipartisan” “Investment” “Let me be clear” “The cost of doing nothing”
“Crisis” “Children and grandchildren” GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED “FREE”SPACE “Waste, fraud, and abuse” “Naysayers” or "Fear-mongers"
“Quality health insurance” “Medical malpractice reform” “Keep insurance companies honest” “Well-financed forces” “Create choice and competition”
“Hope” “46 million uninsured” “Washington special interests” “Doctors and Nurses” “As I’ve said before”
Tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern Time, President Obama will address a joint session of Congress. Below is a handy Bingo card you may use to check off terms and phrases likely to be used. As a bonus, print out the different versions of the card and watch the speech with your friends or family: Card 1; Card 2; Card 3; Card 4


“Public option” – A government-run health plan
“Crisis” -- Excuse to hike taxes and grow the government per Rahm Emmanuel’s theory: “Never waste a crisis”
“Hope” – The medicine Obama will prescribe while you’re on a government waiting list
“Change” – Take-home pay of future generations due to massive spending increases and government expansion
“Bipartisan” – Tricking one gullible Republican into voting for a government-controlled health plan
“Children and grandchildren” – The people picking up the tab
“Investment” – The government spending your tax dollars
“As I’ve said before” – Prepare for a poll-tested line from stump speeches
“Deficit-neutral” – Raising taxes at least as much as you raise spending
“Quality health insurance” – A benefits package designed by unelected federal bureaucrats
“46 million uninsured” – Inflated number which includes illegal immigrants, those eligible for but not enrolled in existing government programs, and those who turn down insurance they can afford
“Waste, fraud, and abuse” – Magic asterisk when a politician needs a pay-for
“Well-financed forces” – K Street health industry lobbyists in bed with Obamacare
“Washington special interests” – K Street lobbyists President Obama likes to pretend are opposed to Obamacare but actually support it
“Status quo” – Government already controls half of the U.S. healthcare sector; Obamacare wants to take over the other half
“The cost of doing nothing” – Trillions less than Obama’s plan
“Let me be clear” – Prepare yourself for meaningless truism
Naysayers” or “fear-mongers” – Any person legitimately concerned about the rapid encroachment of government in their life
“Create choice and competition” – Driving out private sector health insurance by rigging any competition in the government’s favor
“Keep insurance companies honest” – see “create choice and competition” above
“Bend the cost curve” – The government rationing your healthcare
“Medical malpractice reform” – Something Obama, Reid, and Pelosi will never actually do since they are in the pocket of trial lawyers
“Doctors and Nurses” – Healthcare professionals who will be drafted into government employment when Obamacare eventually turns into a single-payer system 

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