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Daily Media Spotlight July 26, 2010

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In an interview with Fivebooks.com, Grover goes over the following list of the top five books he suggests everyone read:

1.The Moon is a Harsh Mistress By: Robert Heinlein

“The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. It compares the flawed statist world to the freedom of the anarchist, utopian moon. So it has both utopia and dystopia available to you. It puts it into the distant future and it suggests progress and people gravitating towards liberty. There’s more liberty in the future – as opposed to the Marxist idea that we’re all inevitably moving to statism.”

2. Witness By: Whittaker Chambers

“I knew the other team for the bad guys, but I remember, as a teenager, not being completely opposed to certain government regulations. I hadn’t thought about it particularly, but then later I became more free market in my thinking. There was also the Vietnam War, which was a big thing. The Communists were pushing us, and the hard left was opposed to our opposing them, not as libertarians saying, ‘Excuse me but what are we doing in their war?’ but as, ‘They are the good guys, why are we fighting against the good guys?’”

3. I led Three Lives By: Herbert A. Philbrick

“The lesson of both books…is that the establishment can and will lie to protect their own. The liberals had to have known that [Alger] Hiss was a Communist and yet they sat around and insisted he wasn’t.”

4. Free to Choose By: Milton Friedman

“It’s a book that deals with freedom in the utilitarian sense as in ‘freedom works’. It’s a refutation of the left’s promise that statism will get you X, Y and Z. I understand the importance of making that argument. The left says that we need to clean up our environment, therefore we have to have statism. We say, ‘Look, actually, freedom and property rights will get you a cleaner environment.’ The left says, ‘We have to have statism to get economic growth and create jobs.’ We say, ‘Actually, freedom does that.’ We must have the government to educate people? Actually, freedom does that. So Friedman makes the case in a practical, pragmatic way.”

5. The Way the World Works By: Jude Wanniski

“You couldn’t have had a successful Reagan without Wanniski. Remember, Reagan ran in 76 saying, ‘I’m gonna cut the budget by 80 billion dollars by sending stuff out to the states.’ What Wanniski, and from that the supply-side revolution, did was to say: in addition to austerity on the spending, we’re going to have a pro-growth approach on taxes and tax rate reductions as our alternative to the Works Projects Administration [a New Deal public jobs programme] and to make work.”

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Daily Media Spotlight July 19, 2010

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In an exclusive interview with Newsmax, Grover discusses how the Obama administration’s plan to allow the Bush Tax Cuts to expire will cost taxpayers $1 trillion. “It would be the largest tax increase in American history, and it would take every marginal tax rate and increase it. The taxes on businesses, on capital gains, would be very high.”

The Wall Street Journal mentions ATR opposition to a transaction tax floated by Congress. “Critics such as Americans for Tax Reform have attacked the bill for its potential harm to business. Many companies operate on razor thin margins, and additional taxes, no matter how small, threaten to squeeze new spending at a time when the economy continues to show signs of weakness”

In a Politics Daily article about Jacob Lew’s return to the helm of the Office of Management and Budget, Grover expresses his skepticism that anyone can stop the spending and tax increases proposed by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. “Reid and Pelosi wrote the health care bill. Reid and Pelosi, [Sen. Chris] Dodd and [Sen. Barney] Frank wrote the bank bill. If the spending cocktail of the last two years was a martini, Obama is the vermouth.”

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Daily Media Spotlight July 12, 2010

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Investor’s Business Daily ran an editorial depicting a possible Democrat controlled lame-duck congress ramming unpopular legislation down the throats of the American people.  They also mentioned what ATR is calling the largest tax-hike in the history of the United States. “If no changes are made, Americans at all income levels will see tax hikes ranging from 12% to 50%. Even if Congress jacks up taxes only on the highest earners, the economy will still take a huge hit.”

Republican Senate Candidate, Marco Rubio has long been a strong advocate of limited taxation according to the St. Petersburg Times. “He's the most pro-taxpayer legislative leader in the country,'' said Grover Norquist, president of anti-tax advocacy group Americans for Tax Reform.”

In his syndicated column for North Star National, Herman Cain highlights what the worst tax hikes in the history of the United States will look like. “The reality of these punitive policies is that they will not generate a net increase in tax revenues, because they discourage taking business risks to create jobs, as well as marriage, savings and dying.

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Daily Media Spotlight July 8, 2010

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The Orange County Register highlighted the “Tax Hike Exemption Card.” What's the big deal? Each tax increase violates Obama's pledge not to raise taxes. It also mentions the taxes yet to come: a European-style value-added tax, cap and trade taxes, and even a federal soda tax.

CNET News quoted Government Affairs Manager for ATR, Kelly Cobb, about the Boucher – Smith bill that attempts to curb states from taxing internet commerce. "However, the battle over the next year will be fought with those who look past digital goods and just want to tax everything online, despite the constitutional violations."

The Pittsburgh Tribune – Review highlighted next year’s looming tax hikes which will become the largest in the history of the United States. “Congress might choose to extend some benefits and let those for top earners expire, said Ryan Ellis, tax policy director of Americans for Tax Reform, a Washington tax policy nonprofit group.”

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Daily Media Spotlight July 6, 2010

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Grover wrote a piece for Politico’s Arena highlighting how the Left is trying to distract Americans from their tax and spend policies. “Democrats are now hopping on “gaffes” that interest no one while whistling past the graveyard of their tax and spending policies on energy, health care, banking and their threats of higher taxes on all small businesses and consumers with a Value Added Tax. Debt, spending, more bureaucrats and a lousy economy and Democrats hope to distract voters with “gaffes.”

The Director of Communications for ATR, John Kartch, wrote an op-ed for Pajamas Media about the beginning of the Obamacare “Indoor Tanning Tax”.  “The tanning tax is a metaphor for ObamaCare in general — burdensome, expensive, petty, thrown together behind closed doors, and blind to the actual impact the legislation would have on people.”

Rush Limbaugh cited ATR statistics when discussing the largest tax hikes in history set to take place at the beginning of 2011.

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Daily Media Spotlight: July 2

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The Washington Times published an op-ed by Grover on his stance against the DISCLOSE ACT. Grover believes it is a violation of the First Amendment: “The bill is a thinly veiled attempt to stifle unfavorable political speech by making entrance into the political dialogue difficult, expensive and open to harassment.”

The Wall Street Journal ran a piece by Eliza Gray highlighting Grover’s call for a join anti-appropriations committee between the House and Senate.  His call to reinstitute a replica of the Byrd Committee was voiced during his appearance before President Obama’s Bi-partisan Commission on Fiscal Responsibility. “I like the idea of a committee of congressmen who walk around thinking: ‘my status in town is based on my ability to pass legislation to cut spending.’”

Joshua Culling wrote an op-ed for The Washington Times on the frugal leadership of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Culling highlights the Governor’s determination to cut spending in the state, fight public unions and stand up for the taxpayers of the Garden State. “Along with a series of common-sense proposals like a constitutional amendment capping the growth of local property taxes at 2.5 percent annually, forcing teachers to pay a portion of their health insurance premiums (previously fully funded by taxpayers) and a moratorium on tax increases, Mr. Christie put forth a slimmed-down budget proposal in the wake of five consecutive gubernatorial administrations that raised state spending on net.”

The Washington Times, Politico and The Hill all ranarticles on ATR’s new, “Obama Tax Hike Exemption Car.” Awallet-sized parody card which “exempts” those making less than $250,000 from paying any form of tax increase signed into law by President Obama.  If challenged upon presentation of the card, the cardholder may politely ask: “Excuse me, but are you calling President Obama a liar?”

In an article discussing the Tea Party’s call for spending cuts gaining traction, The Wall Street Journalquoted Grover:  “If I'm a congressman or I'm a candidate, I have seen people talk about spending the way they used to talk about taxes or abortion or guns," he says. "Clearly this is a vote-moving issue."

As the Chairman of the Reagan Legacy Project, Grover offered his opinion to The Washington Times on where he believed Ronald Regan deserved to be placed on a list of all-time greatPresidents. "Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviet Union without a war; Ronald Reagan turned the economy around; Ronald Reagan ended double-digit inflation ... he laid the groundwork for 20 years of prosperity," he said. "And the defeat of the Soviet Union is not an accomplishment that could be reversed.”

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Grover on North Dakota's Scott Hennen Show

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On North Dakota’s Scott Hennen Show, guest host Rob Port interviewed Grover about the new Obamacare tanning tax that goes into effect on Thursday, July 1. The tax is the first of 21 new taxes in Obamacare to take effect and violates President Obama’s “firm pledge” to not raise any form of taxes on any family making less than $250,000.  Grover also discussed ATR’s new “Obama Tax Hike Exemption Card” which exempts” those who make less than $250,000 from any pledge-breaking tax hike signed into law by President Obama.  If challenged by the store attendant, the user should politely respond, “Are you calling President Obama a liar?”

There areat least eight new taxes that this card can be used for, with the possibility of more being added as the Obama administration progresses.

North Dakota’s congressional delegation – Rep. Earl Pomeroy and Sens. Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan --all voted to raise taxes on the people of North Dakota by voting for Obamacare.

Here is the audio from today’s interview.

The “Obama Tax Hike Exemption Card” is available on the ATR website.

Click here to see if your member of Congress voted for these tax increases

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Daily Media Spotlight June 28, 2010

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In an op-ed for The Daily Caller Grover discusses the growing burden on families and small business due to Obama’s mounting tax burdens.  He implores those making less than $250,000 to use “Obama Tax Hike Exemption Card” when hit with new taxes. “With all humility and sincerity, ask the cashier, “but, wait—I make less than $250,000 per year. Are you calling my president a liar?”

In another column for The Daily Caller State Affairs Manager for ATR, Joshua Culling explains how spending cuts in New Jersey are not tax increases. “For conservatives to argue that reductions in state aid to localities constitute a tax increase is the same as claiming an end to the stimulus package means automatic tax increases at the state level. We do not make that claim because it presents a false choice”

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White House Suddenly Falls Silent on Obama Tax Vow

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Over the past few weeks House Democrats have attempted to distance themselves from President Obama’s “firm pledge” to not raise any form of taxes on families making less than $250,000.  Now The White House is refusing to comment at all on Obama’s tax pledge.  According to The Daily Caller’s Jon Ward:

“The only noise from the White House on the matter is a loud silence. Asked to comment on whether the president’s pledge not to raise taxes on the middle class still stands, the White House declined.”

In the past Obama repeatedly promised that that no family making less than $250,000 would see a hike in any of their taxes:

“I can make a firm pledge.  Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase.  Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.”

--Candidate Barack Obama, Sept. 12, 2008

“No family making less than $250,000 will see their taxes increase.”  


“If your family earns less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes increased a single dime.  I repeat: not one single dime.”

--President Barack Obama, Feb. 24, 2009

“The statement didn’t come with caveats.”

--Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs, April 15, 2009, when asked if the pledge applies to healthcare

The President, however, has already broken his “firm pledge”.  The “tanning tax” – the first of seven pledge breaking tax increases in Obamacare – goes into effect Thursday July 1.

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Daily Media Spotlight June 25, 2010

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Grover wrote a piece for Politico’s Arena discussing how Barack Obama’s bad policy will not bode well with voters in November. “Bad policy is bad politics. More bad policy is badder politics….this is an expensive lesson in governing as campaigning where the White House learns nothing slowly and the country suffers.”

Investor’s Business Daily quoted ATR an article about the demise of President Obama’s “firm pledge” to not raise any taxes on families making less than $250,000. “Obama clearly said on many occasions that under his plans, families below the $250,000 income level would not see their taxes increase. And he didn't mean just income taxes…Voters heard the candidate's voice, read his lips and took the repeated promise from Obama at his word that he would hold his party to his pledge. They shouldn't have.”

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