Today, ATR released a Policy Brief on the topic of Net Neutrality and the federal government’s Internet takeover.  The Policy Brief outlines a brief history of Net Neutrality, the many negative consequences of Internet regulation, and the broad bipartisan opposition to it.  With the recent FCC proceeding on broadband reclassification, now more than ever is the time to be informed about this dangerous threat to an open, unregulated Internet.  From the Policy Brief:

Net Neutrality would permit the federal government to regulate how Internet service providers (ISPs) manage content and data that travels across their networks.  Proponents claim such regulation will ensure all online data is treated equally, but the policy will result in decreased investment in broadband expansion and adoption, increased congestion on the Internet, and will effectively turn our nation’s Internet into a public utility; a network of government-run “dumb pipes.”

Click here to download a copy.