Remember the days when we had dial-up Internet and Polaroid cameras? Well, today in 2015, with air cameras and fingerprint identification, Back to the Future was not far off in predicting what this year would bring to us, writes Katie McAuliffe in an OpEd in The Hill.

Americans for Tax Reform drew attention to the issue today by hosting a replica DeLorean time machine near the Capitol South Metro Stop, The Monocle, and outside its office, where passersby took photos and tweeted them out under the hashtags #19yrsAgo and #CommActUpdate.

Americans for Tax Reform’s Katie McAuliffe discusses in The Hill how our current Telecommunications Act does not account for these new technologies, or simple tools like Google or Facebook. According to the article, the 1996 Act, still in place today, is based on the Communications Act of 1934, itself based on laws from the 1800s.

Read the full OpEd here and be sure to follow #19yrsAgo and #CommActUpdate February 5th and 6th to see all of the photos reminding us what 1996 was like, and how movie magic predicted 2015 way better than Congress!