Recently, ATR president Grover Norquist was a guest on the Florida-based Mike Essen Show. Grover and Mike discussed tax reform and ways to improve the economy.

Listen to the interview here: http://mikeessen.com/podcasts/politics/mike-interviews-grover-norquist.html

Matt Patterson, executive director of the Center for Worker Freedom, wrote an op-ed for Forbes detailing hypocrisy in liberal support for oppressive labor unions.

And where are the Democrats? Where are the liberals fighting for Silvia’s “right to choose?” Nowhere to be found, of course: Organized labor has become little more than a slush fund for the Democratic Party, funneling billions in dues (often plucked from members’ pockets without their consent) to left-wing politicians, who then bray on about being “pro-choice.”

Patterson also wrote an op-ed for the Sacramento Bee regarding the fight between Gerawan Farming employees and the California Agricultural Labor Relations Board who refuse to count employee votes in an election to decertify the United Farm Workers.

The labor board is engaging in active, state-sponsored voter suppression in its attempt to help the UFW. The board has sequestered the ballots from the decertification election and refuses to count them in direct violation of Gerawan workers’ First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly.

And by forcing the workers into a contract (against their will) that will siphon 3 percent of their pay to union bosses, the board is effectively confiscating property in direct violation of the 14th Amendment.