On August 4th, the taxpayers of Columbus, Ohio will have the opportunity to reject an income tax increase at the ballot box.  ATR is urging a NO vote on Issue 1, a proposal to hike the city income tax by 0.5 percent, taking it to 2.5 percent.  This tax hike would also raise taxes on corporate profits from 2 to 2.5 percent.  

For an individual making $40,000 a year, this would be a tax hike of $200, just in city income taxes.  Surely, the private sector would be a better investment for these individuals than the city government.  

Ohio is already facing 11.1 percent unemployment, the people of the state cannot afford for their cities and counties to be forcing jobs away with higher taxes.  Columbus should seek to be more competitive, rather than pushing principles such as raising taxes that stifle economic growth.

In addition to a tax increase, Issue 1 speaks of $100 to $150 million in savings over 10 years and the mention of job creation, but taxpayers should not be wooed by these promises.  If the city has savings to find, they should find the savings without attaching it to a tax hike in Issue 1.  Just the same for job creation, if there are good ideas for job creation, they should be pursued without asking for more revenue from the pockets’ of taxpayers.

ATR urges a NO vote on Issue 1.  Hopefully the voters will not be wooed by the empty promises, but rather see that this tax increase would only hurt the taxpayers of the city in the long run.

To see ATR’s press release in opposition to Issue 1: the Columbus Income Tax increase, click here.

Photo credit: mcsquishee