Dear Senator,

On behalf of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) and millions of taxpayers nationwide, I would like to wish you a happy American Energy Freedom Day.

As you know, the 26 year long bans on Offshore Continental Shelf (OCS) and shale oil expired on September 31 and the stroke of midnight. Now, American energy companies have access to over 800 billion barrels of oil which can help lower the cost on the over seven billion barrels of oil we consume every year.

However, merely allowing these bans to expire is not enough. In order to help stabilize the markets at such a volatile time and lower the cost of energy, legislation must be passed to ensure the current “roadblocks” to access are removed.

Therefore I urge you to co-sponsor S. 3646, the “Drill Now Act” that will remove the barriers to immediate access to these newly available domestic energy resources. This Act will accomplish the following things:

– Permanently ends all the bans on offshore drilling in the Atlantic, and Pacific oceans, the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and oil shale areas. This Act will secure the freedom of over 800 billion barrels of domestic energy.

– Expedites the leasing process that allows the MMS to begin leasing immediately. With this Act, drilling can begin in late 2009.

– Ensures a 50/50 royalty sharing plan for the states so they will be allowed to keep and reinvest fifty percent of the revenue generated by offshore drilling. The Dept. of Interior estimates $1.4 trillion of revenue just from offshore drilling.

– Expedites judicial review of environmental lawsuits which will prevent purposeful drilling blockades by organizations manipulating the legal system. Allows only 90 days to submit a legal case to U.S. District Courts and all appeals must be made at the U.S. District Court of Appeals in D.C.

In co-sponsoring S. 3646 the “Drill Now Act”, you will send the message that Washington and special interests will not stand in the way of lowering American energy costs.

For co-sponsoring or for more information, contact Chris Socha in Sen. DeMint’s office at 4-6121 or email [email protected].


Grover G. Norquist

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