Dear Members of the Pennsylvania House,

On behalf of Americans for Tax Reform and our members across the Keystone State, I write today in strong support of HB 1507, legislation that would provide paycheck protection for Pennsylvania workers and end the use of state resources for political purposes.

Do not be fooled or intimidated by the union protestors storming the capitol this week; they do not represent the views of most Pennsylvanians. Ending automatic deduction of government employee payroll deductions for the benefit of a private organization is a commonsense reform that also has overwhelming public support. According to a recent Commonwealth Foundation survey, 79% of likely Pennsylvania voters are opposed to the use of state resources for political activities.

It’s time for the state to end the practice of serving as the money bagman for Big Labor. In 2012, Pennsylvania unions reportedly spent almost $5 million of dues on political activities and lobbying in favor of higher taxes and larger government. If that weren’t bad enough, this money was taken from workers involuntarily and was collected at taxpayer expense.

There is a lot of misinformation being spread by union bosses and taxpayer-financed protestors. The reality is that the paycheck protection legislation pending in the House would empower workers, making union leadership more accountable to rank-and-file workers. HB 1507 would give workers a choice in who they give their hard-earned income to and would ensure they don’t see part of their paycheck go toward causes they don’t agree with.

For this and the other aforementioned reasons, please fight for those you represent by supporting House Bill 1507. Americans for Tax Reform will be educating your constituents as to how their representatives in Harrisburg vote on this important matter.


Grover Norquist


To view a PDF copy of the letter, click here.