Senate Democrats are expected to soon force a vote on S.J.Res.63, a congressional resolution of disapproval of the Trump administration rule expanding access to “Short-Term, Limited Duration Insurance.” ATR urges all Senators to vote “NO” on this resolution.

S.J.Res.63 would overturn the Trump administration’s rule expanding access to short-term, limited duration health insurance under the Congressional Review Act. This rule, which was finalized on August 1, allows families and individuals to purchase these health plans for 12 months with a total of 36 months of renewability.

Short-term plans are exempt from Obamacare’s costly mandates and regulations and so the new rule has the potential to provide an off ramp for families that have seen higher prices and reduced access under Obamacare.

Once in effect, this rule will reverse an Obama-era policy that limited short term plans to three months with no option to renew, a decision which deprived millions of Americans access to a more flexible and affordable healthcare option.

More importantly, the Trump administration’s new rule comes at a crucial time when millions of Americans are facing increasing premiums and diminishing options in the individual insurance market. 

Today, over 52 percent of American counties have one Obamacare provider, forcing individuals and families to choose between expensive healthcare plans or nothing.

Those that do have insurance are being priced out due rising premium costs of almost 200 percent for some, especially middle-class families that are often ineligible for subsidies. In 2017, enrollment in the individual market without subsidies dropped by 21 percent, while premiums rose 20 percent.

Limited duration plans are also expected to be 50 to 80 percent cheaper than current Obamacare plans, with some estimating that more than two million Americans who are currently uninsured may choose these plans due to their flexibility and affordability.

There are multiple cases in which short-term, limited duration insurance policies could be important to families. They can provide coverage for those who are in between jobs, transitioning between plans or in between coverage, can be used by middle-class families that do not have access to subsidized Obamacare plans, and can be used by students who are taking time off from school.

Expanding access to short-term, limited duration insurance is yet another example of President Trump delivering on his promise to provide Americans with more access to more affordable and flexible access to healthcare.

Senators should vote NO on S.J.Res.63 and ensure that Americans across the country have access to healthcare plans that best fit their needs.