WASHINGTON – Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) urges New Mexico Pledge signers to keep to the promise of the Pledge in tomorrow\’s "extraordinary session." The extraordinary session is being held to pass a third budget proposal to present to Governor Gary Johnson.

ATR\’s President, Grover Norquist created the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in 1986, to build support for then President Reagan\’s tax reform platform. The Taxpayer Protection Pledge reads, "I pledge to the taxpayers of [my] district in the state of New Mexico and to all the people of this state that I will oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes." Currently, President George W. Bush, 250 members of Congress, 8 governors, and 1,272 state legislators (to include 25 New Mexico state legislators and the governor) have signed the Pledge nationwide. A list of New Mexico state legislators who have signed the Pledge is listed below.

New Mexico Pledge Signers

  • Gov. Gary E. Johnson
  • William Sharer (S-1)
  • Patrick H. Lyons (S-7)
  • Ramsay L. Gorham (S-10)
  • Sue Wilson (S-19)
  • Kent Cravens (S-21)
  • Joseph J. Carraro (S-23)
  • Stuart Ingle (S-27)
  • Rod Adair (S-33
  • Leonard Lee Rawson (S-37)
  • Nick Tinnin (H-1)
  • Ted Hobbs (H-20)
  • Ron Godbey (H-22)
  • Robert Michael Burpo (H-23)
  • George D. Buffett (H-24)
  • Joe Mohorovic (H-28)
  • William W. Fuller (H-29)
  • Joseph M. Thompson (H-31
  • William E. Boykin (H-37)
  • Dianne M. Hamilton (H-38)
  • Gloria C. Vaughn (H-51)
  • W.C. (Dub) Williams (H-56)
  • Daniel R. Foley (H-57)
  • Avon W. Wilson (H-59)
  • Marsha C. Atkin (H-60)
  • Earlene Roberts (H-66)