Americans for Tax Reform urges all members to vote NO on S. 25, a bill on suspension that would repeal the military cost of living adjustments established in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013. The Budget Act was passed into law a mere two months ago, and rescinding the savings in the law signals lawmakers are unwilling to keep their word on difficult budget decisions.

The long-term liabilities in the defense budget cannot be ignored. In fact, military leaders have been warning for years that rising personnel costs pose one of the most urgent threats to America's military readiness.

The savings passed into law last year trim pension costs for working-age military retirees; benefits are still readjusted to previous levels at age 62. This is a small change to save resources that are becoming increasingly more strained – the Wall Street Journal reports that personnel costs will consume the entire defense budget by 2039 if sustainable reforms are not made.

Congress is currently presiding over the most consistent drop in discretionary spending that the country has witnessed in the modern era. To reverse this trend immediately following the first bipartisan budget agreement in years would signal Washington is returning to its foolhardy spending practices of old. We urge you to stand with taxpayers and vote no on S. 25.