ATR, along with a coalition of other organizations, recently sent a letter to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson asserting opposition to the review of a Clean Water Act 404(c) petition related to potential energy development projects on Alaska state land. As the letter stated:

“This requested action would be tantamount to asking the EPA to assert veto power over an entire industry across a large geographic region where a permit application under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act is contemplated, but has not even been submitted.”

A preemptive strike on Southwestern Alaska’s vast mineral resources would eliminate the opportunity for Alaskans and all Americans to utilize our wealth of natural resources, preventing job creation and economic development throughout the country.

“The investment in mineral resource development in Southwest Alaska would create thousands of needed jobs, accompanying economic development, and significant tax revenues to fund education and infrastructure for the region, the State of Alaska, and America.”

Finally, the letter noted that any negative EPA action with regards to this 404(c) petition would circumvent the standards and procedures already laid out by the United States Congress and the State of Alaska. A move such as this would be “highly detrimental to the credibility of EPA and the certainty of our current legal and regulatory structure.”

Click here for a PDF copy of the letter.