Grover Norquist, President of American for Tax Reform, sent a letter to State Senators in California today, weighing in on a piece of legislation, AB 1500, that would raise taxes by over a billion dollars a year in the already over-taxed and regulated state, and work as an incentive against job creation and investment in the Golden State. Among other things, Mr. Norquist stated: 

"It’s a fact that AB 1500 would amount to a more than $1 billion per year tax increase on employers that are vital to the state’s economy. In light of California’s already onerous tax burden, which has made the state economically uncompetitive, contributed to the state’s double-digit unemployment rate, and outmigration of both jobs and people, it’s shocking that a majority of the members in the California legislature are so economically inept as to think that imposing even higher taxes to further reduce the job-creating capacity of companies who employ Californians is a recipe for success". 

To read a complete copy of the letter, click here.