WASHINGTON, D.C. – With New Hampshire legislature now convened for the 2012 session, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) has released an updated list of state elected officials in who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. These legislators have made a written commitment to their constituents to never vote for a net tax increase. 

“With taxpayers in New Hampshire staring down the barrel of the largest federal tax increase in American history, which is set to kick in less than twelve short months from now, I applaud New Hampshire Taxpayer Protection Pledge signers for taking higher taxes off the table in their state,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “By making this commitment to their constituents, they clearly recognize that in light of the hundreds of billions in higher federal taxes to come out of Washington, D.C. in recent years, the last thing that New Hampshire taxpayers need is for lawmakers in Concord to pile on more job-killing tax increases at the state level,” Norquist added.

The list of those who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge is as follows:


House of Representatives:

Donald Andolina (H-6 Strafford)

Jason P. Antosz (H-9 Rockingham)

Kevin A. Avard (H-20 Hillsborough)

Gary Azarian (H-4 Rockingham)

Al Baldasaro (Rock-3)

J. Michael Ball (H-9 Hillsborough)

David Bates (Rock-4)

Ronald Belanger (Rock-4)

Jerry Bergevin (H-17 Hillsborough)

D.J. Bettencourt (Rock-4)

Spec Bowers (H-3 Sullivan)

Lester W. Bradley (H-4 Grafton)

John A. Burt (H-7 Hillsborough)

John Cebrowski (Hills-18)

Gene Chandler (Carroll-1)

Lars T. Christiansen (Hills-27)

Jenn Coffey (H-6 Merrimack)

Tim Comerford (Rock-9)

Gary Daniels (Hills-6)

Russell Day (Hills-7)

Robert Elliott (Rock-4)

Susan Emerson (Ches-7)

Lawrence Emerton, Sr. (Hills-7)

Cam DeJong (H-9 Hillsborough)

Susan DeLemus (H-1 Strafford)

J.B. Duarte (H-1 Rockingham)

Beverly Ferrante (Rock-5)

Robert Fesh (Rock-5)

Dennis H. Fields (Belk-2)

Edmund Gionet (Graft-3)

Brandon Giuda (H-7 Merrimack)

Robert Greemore (Belknap-3)

Mary E. Griffin (Rock-4)

Warren Groen (H-Stafford 1)

Bob Haefner (Hills-27)

Joseph Hagan (H-7 Rockingham)

Harry Hardwick (H-2 Hillsborough)

Ken Hawkins (Hills-18)

James F. Headd (Rock-3)

John Hikel (Hills-7)

Gregory Hill (H-6 Merrimack)

Edith Hogan (Hills-25)

Karen K. Hutchinson (Rock-3)

Will Infantine (Hills-13)

Robert Introne (Rock-3)

Kyle Jones (H-1 Strafford)

Laura Jones (H-1 Strafford)

Phyllis M. Katsakiores (Rock-5)

Walter Kolodziej (H-4 Rockingham)

Joseph F. Krasucki (H-26 Hillsborough)

Don LeBrun (Hillsborough-26)

Robert Luther (H-4 Belknap)

Andrew J. Manuse (H-5 Rockingham)

Michael McCarthy (H-21 Hillsborough)

Jeanine Notter (H-19 Hillsborough)

Lynne Ober (Hills-27)

Russell T. Ober (Hills-27)

William O’Brien (Hills-4)

Bill O’Connor (H-3 Strafford)

Bill Ohm (H-26 Hillsborough)

Barry Palmer (H-26 Hillsborough)

Stephen Palmer (H-6 Hillsborough)

Leo P. Pepino (Hills-11)

Matt Quandt (Rock-13)

John Reagan (Rock-1)**

Dennis Reed (Merr-2)

Andrew Renzullo (Hills-27)

Beverly T. Rodeschin (H-2 Sullivan)

John B. Sedensky, PhD (Rock-8)

Carl Seidel (H-20 Hillsborough)

Tyler W. Simpson (H-1 Belknap)

Steven Smith (H-5 Sullivan)

William Smith (Rock-18)

Tony Soltani (H-8 Merrimack)

Connie Soucy (Hills-17)

Kathleen Souza (H-11 Hillsborough)

Kathleen Stroud (H-19 Hillsborough)

Steve Vaillancourt (Hills-15)

Moe Villeneuve (Hills-18)

Carol M. Vita (H-3 Strafford)

Lucien A. Vita (H-3 Stafford)

Mark Warden (H-7 Hillsborough)

Gary Wheaton (H-14 Rockingham)

Randall Whitehead (H-26Hillsborough)

Steve Winter (H-3 Merrimack)

Colette Worsman (H-3 Belknap)


State Senate:

Jack Barnes (S-17 Rockingham)

Jeb Bradely (S-3 Carroll)

Tom DeBlois (S-18 Hillsborough)

Jeanie Forrester (S-2 Belknap and Grafton)

Jim Forsythe (S-4 Strafford)

Nancy E. Stiles (S-24 Rockingham)

Russell Prescott (S-23 Rockingham)

Ray White (S-9 Hillsborough)