It’s rare that a bill introduced in the House of Representatives attracts a majority of the chamber as co-sponsors.  Yet we’re on the verge of that happening with regard to H.R. 2429, the “Death Tax Repeal Act of 2013,” sponsored by Congressman Kevin Brady (R-Tex.).  

The bill currently has 217 co-sponsors, one short of a majority of the whole House.  Every Member of Congress–especially those who want to be on the side of taxpayers–should become a co-sponsor of this bill.

The death tax’s time, if it ever had one, is over.  It collects less than one-half of one percent of all federal revenues.  It’s given rise to a death tax avoidance industry army of accountants, lawyers, estate planners, actuaries, and others who profit from its existence.  It’s a double- or even triple-tax on savings and investment.  It’s time to end the death tax immediately.

Furthermore, the House has not voted on death tax repeal since 2005.  That’s a full decade since the last time Members of Congress have had to go on record opposing or supporting the death tax.  Getting a majority of the House behind repeal is a powerful argument that it’s high time for that vote to take place again.

All Members of Congress should co-sponsor H.R. 2429 today.  Kill the death tax.