Today the Texas House Ways & Means Committee is holding a hearing on HB 1317 and HB 2403, legislation that seeks to force out-of-state businesses to collect the Texas sales tax.  They are also considering HB 1454, which would force out-of-state travel companies to pay a high and discriminatory hotel tax rate on their business revenue.

It is because of the Lone Star State's competitive and predictable tax and regulatory burden that the state has become the economic powerhouse of the nation. By rejecting these ill-advised and unconstitutional pieces of legislation, Texas legislators can send a clear message to Texas employers and businesses considering moving to Texas that the legislature isn't about to do anything to diminish the state's hospitable and predictable tax and regulatory regime.

The Digtal Liberty Project's Kelly Cobb will be testifying at today's hearing in opposition to HB 1317, HB 2403, and HB 1454. For more information why online sales tax legislation should be rejected, click here. And for the clearest red flag that this bill would adversely impact the Texas economy – just know that California Democrats are currently looking to pass this same legislation.

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