In a recent announcement from the White House, President Donald Trump has followed through on his promises to protect American intellectual property rights. As a candidate, President Trump claimed that protecting intellectual property rights could “save millions of American jobs.” The recent Presidential Memorandum signing directs the United States Trade Representative to examine whether China should be investigated for “unreasonable or discriminatory policies that may harm American IP rights, innovation, or technological development.”

Americans for Tax Reform sent out a letter praising President Trump for his commitment to intellectual property rights. Americans for Tax Reform, along with 69 other groups, have agreed upon principles of which are the utmost importance in preserving intellectual property rights both at home and abroad. These principles include that IP rights are vital to job growth and economic competitiveness. We believe China has been particularly brazen in coopting American innovation and profiting from American investment in research, development, and intellectual capital. Practices by China to restrict market entrance and technology transfer have been a particular hindrance.

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