ATR is supportive of efforts by the U.S. House of Representatives next week to protect Americans from personal data security leaks resulting from Obamacare website failures.

Reportedly, the House's bill will bring together the best ideas that members have had on the issue.  One of the better ideas has been introduced by Congressman Gus Bilirakis (R-Florida).  H.R. 3795, the "One Hour Notification Act of 2013" (aka the "OH No Act of 2013") would require the Department of Health and Human Services to notify any American of an Obamacare-related breach in their personal information, and it requires this to be done within one hour of the breach.  In addition, HHS must also notify relevant Congressional committees and produce an annual report.

Information can be stolen in an instant, and the American people deserve to know if their personal identification information is made available to unscrupulous hackers.  The Obama administration has insisted that the flawed website remain active and mandatory, so they should also be required to come clean when that website fails to protect basic health consumer information.