Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, sent a letter to all members of the South Carolina State Senate in support of SB 423, which would lift archaic restrictions on small breweries, and give them the freedom to sell up to 64 ounces of beer to consumers on site. This is commonsense, pro-growth legislation that would grow the economy and raise additional revenue for government without raising taxes on hard-working citizens. The ‘pint bill’ recently passed the House of Representatives, and its companion bill will be taken up in the Senate in the coming weeks. Mr. Norquist stated the following in his letter:

Although Prohibition was repealed over 75 years ago, South Carolina still has the dubious distinction of being among the handful of states that still prohibit the sale of pints on-site at breweries. This ill-advised ban reduces economic liberty and causes the state to needlessly forgo a large amount of revenue. Eliminating this prohibition would grow government coffers in the most preferable way possible: through economic growth and an expansion of commerce, not higher taxes. It would also lead to economic growth for small businesses and encourage others to start their own breweries.”

To read a full copy of the letter, click here.