S.744 takes serious steps to secure the border, facilitate more merit-based legal immigration, and unleash the economic capacity of America’s immigrant population. Conservative economists predict trillions of dollars of economic growth and deficit reduction as a result.

America’s immigration status quo is broken and unworkable. S.744 presents the best opportunity in a generation to fix this problem.

After proceeding to the bill, there will be many opportunities to strengthen it through the amendment process. Americans for Tax Reform will be monitoring proposed changes and will support those amendments that make the bill an even stronger, more pro-growth product. In particular, Americans for Tax Reform supports a more robust guest worker program to ensure a vibrant labor supply and further discourage future illegal immigration.

There has been a healthy and open consideration of this legislation to this point. Americans for Tax Reform urges a “YES” vote on cloture and the motion to proceed to the immigration bill in order for that process to continue on the Senate floor.