Americans for Tax Reform fully supports the "Miscellaneous Tariff Bill" process which the House Ways and Means Committee is working through to cut taxes on imports, otherwise known as tariffs.  That has been our position all year.

Tariffs are taxes on imports.  To eliminate a tariff is to eliminate a tax at the border on an imported good.  Reducing tariffs is anywhere and everywhere a good thing.  They are good in the context of large free trade agreements, and they are good if repealed one by one.

Repealing a tariff is in no way comparable to creating an earmark.  An earmark is a disease of spending.  There are appropriation earmarks.  There are authorization earmarks.  There is no such thing as a "tax earmark," since letting families and employers keep their own money is not government spending.  Since tariffs are a form of tax, repealing tariffs has nothing to do with earmarks.