Today, Americans for Tax Reform released a letter in support  on H.R. 6333, the “Tax Identity and Protection Act.” This legislation, sponsored by Congressman Buddy Carter (Georgia-01), will help the IRS improve its ability to recognize fraudulent use of social security numbers and hold them accountable for the protection of tax payer data.

You can read the full text here or below: 

Dear Representative Carter:

I write in support of H.R. 6333, the Tax Identity Protection Act. This legislation will help the IRS improve its ability to recognize fraudulent use of social security numbers. Members of Congress should support this important legislation.

In June 2017, the Inspector General of the Treasury Department found that 1.4 million illegal immigrants may be making fraudulent tax payments through stolen social security numbers.

To address this issue, the Tax Identity Protection Act would require the IRS to submit a report detailing how the agency can better identify illegal immigrants who are using stolen social security numbers to make fraudulent tax payments. 

The IG recommended that the IRS they identify those making fraudulent tax payments and notify this whose social security numbers have been stolen. However, the IRS disregarded this recommendation, claiming that, because of the automated computer system, they are unable to distinguish a fraudulent tax payment from one that was only a mismatched name and social security number.

This is clearly problematic. In many cases, taxpayer data is being stolen and used to make fraudulent tax payments without the individual having any idea that their identity has been stolen. Even worse, the IRS is aware of this and has done nothing to stop it.

By supporting H.R. 6333, lawmakers will be taking an important step towards holding the IRS accountable for the protection of taxpayer data. Members should support and co-sponsor the Tax Identity Protection Act.


Grover G. Norquist
President, Americans for Tax Reform