Representative George Holding (R-N.C.)introduced H.R. 1295, the “IRS Bureaucracy Reduction and Judicial Review Act.” This bill permits 501(c)4 applicants to declare their organizational status rather than waiting for their application to be approved by the IRS.

Congressman Holding explains:

“The IRS has a troubled track record when it comes to approving organizations to operate as a 501(c)4, often forcing groups to wait months or even years to gain tax-exempt status. These indefinite delays, particularly when motivated by dislike for the groups’ views, make it impossible for social welfare organizations to become operational in a timely manner—or, in some cases, ever. My bill will streamline this burdensome IRS process by allowing groups to declare their tax-exempt status rather than wait for endless amounts of time to gain approval.” 

Chairman Roskam adds:

“Lois Lerner repeatedly went to the very ‘impartial’ panel she helped create to throw up hurdles and try to block certain groups from operating as 501(c)4 organizations. It’s clear the only way to stop this abuse of power is through major structural reforms. I applaud Congressman Holding for this thoughtful legislation, which appropriately balances tax code compliance with protections for the basic freedom so critical to all Americans.” 

The IRS has repeatedly shown its inability to act in an unbiased manner.  H.R. 1295 implements necessary structural reforms to the agency.