On behalf of Americans for Tax Reform, I am writing to support H.R. 1527, the Taxpayer Receipt Act. This legislation will provide each American with a detailed list outlining how their tax dollars are being spent by the federal government. It is a great pleasure to endorse a commonsense proposal that will be endlessly beneficial to taxpayers.

H.R. 1527 infuses the complex spending process and arcane tax code with transparency and accountability. Americans will be informed, line by line, of their individual contributions to various federal spending programs, such as Social Security, Medicare, education and defense. Additionally, the receipt will note how much federal debt has accumulated per individual taxpayer – an important step toward crystallizing the real and present dangers of reckless government spending.

The bill also ensures that the federal government will be held to the same standard as the private sector, where receipts must be produced for various business transactions. H.R. 1527 should be a resounding wake up call to a massive central government accustomed to playing by its own cushy rules and regulations.

Perfectly compatible with ATR’s beliefs in limited government and personal liberty, H.R. 1527 is a sensible measure with critical provisions for a more prosperous, fiscally responsible future. Given the pace at which this government is racking up record spending, American taxpayers deserve nothing less than a clear, easily accessible record of how their money is being spent. The Taxpayer Receipt Act provides exactly that.


Grover Norquist

Here is the entire letter to Rep. Mike Quigley (R-Ill.). And here is the Senate version.