Following the stay on President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker this week signed an executive order that prevents state agencies from spending state funds to comply with the EPA’s overreaching carbon rule.

Americans for Tax Reform supports Governor Walker’s move to protect Wisconsin taxpayers and businesses. The Governor’s executive order will ensure that Wisconsin families, businesses, and taxpayers are not forced to pay for compliance measures under the President’s carbon rule while also being subjected to increased energy costs, before full resolution of pending legal challenges. To do otherwise would put Wisconsin at a self-inflicted economic disadvantage, which is why Governor Walker’s action is so important.

Governor Walker has taken a strong first step to ensure that such federal overreach will receive the full attention of the legal system, and until then, no action shall be done to bring about this rule’s authorization.

It is laudable that the Governor has set out to guarantee that government interference does not further hurt the low and middle income families of Wisconsin, that depend on affordable energy to keep their homes warm during the cold Wisconsin winters. 

Americans for Tax Reform applauds Governor Walker’s action and urges that other states look to Wisconsin as an example of how states can proactively protect their residents and economy from the President’s costly and burdensome carbon